The Great Divide

The Great Divide is a multimedia project that explores the extremes of education, labor, housing, and identity through the personal narratives of NYC's residents. Stories you will experience include a recent immigrant who is struggling to support his family versus a well-educated immigrant who lives handsomely. And a drag queen coming to terms with her sexuality, versus a pastor preaching against homosexuality. The Great Divide was designed and produced by the graduate students at New York University’s Studio 20 program.


headshot of Hadeel Al-Shalchi

Hadeel Al-Shalchi

Web Project Manager

headshot of Dania Curvy

Dania Curvy

Editorial and Social Media

headshot of Toluwani Eniola

Toluwani Eniola

Editorial and Fact-Checker

headshot of Manyu Jiang

Manyu Jiang

Web Design and Data

headshot of Natasha Jokic

Natasha Jokic

Editorial Project Manager

headshot of Jackline Kemigisa

Jackline Kemigisa


headshot of Naziru Mikailu

Naziru Mikail

Editorial and Social Media

headshot of Kai Ling Ng

Kai Ling Ng


headshot of Ian Patterson

Ian Patterson

Web Design and Editorial

headshot of Benjamin Piorgah Tetteh

Benjamin Piorgah Tetteh


headshot of Nicolas Rios

Nicolás Ríos

Web Design and Photography

headshot of Sahina Shrestha

Sahina Shrestha

Editorial and Social Media

headshot of Aldana Vales

Aldana Vales

Web and Graphic Design

headshot of Priyanka Vora

Priyanka Vora

Editorial Project Manager

headshot of Amber C. Walker

Amber C. Walker

Editorial and Social Media


headshot of Gray Beltran

Gray Beltran

Web Coach

headshot of Hilke Schellmann

Hilke Schellmann

Instructor and Video Coach

Credits: Videos, text, photography and web design by Studio 20. Empire State icon by Freepik.